Missing Classmates

Help Us Find These Folks!  We don't have current contact information for them--if you do, please have them visit here (highland73.org to update their profile and join the Site).  Alternatively, if you have their email address, you can also send them an invite to the Site by clicking on their name below and following the instructions.  Remember, you may be the only connection back to them - thanks!

Note: as soon as a classmate updates their own profile, their name automatically drops off this list.


Debra Lynn Andrews
Jacklynn Andrews
Kevin Bailey
Robert Bain
Alan Banks
Anne Barker (Whitlock)
Debra Beck
Gary L. Bennett
Dave Bernson
Phillip W. Brown
Gordon R Brunts
Mark H. Call
Keith E. Cherti
Dirk Christy
Janet L. Coffman
Debbie L Cox
Vicki Criscola
William A. Crockett
Mark Cunningham
Christopher N. Curtis
Arthur W. Jr. Dimond
Susan Lee Dinse (Jarvis)
Valerie Jean Downing
David J. Flinders
Scott E. Fullmer
Jennifer Gaddis
Mark E. Ghicadus
Laurie Gibson (Hone)
Debbie Giles (Purdie)
Beverly Gloster
Dawna Jill Goalen (Laws)
Patrice Gorham (Olson)
Roger L. Greer
Shauna Lynn Griffeth
Holly Harrison
Ranae Haslam (Randall)
Jolene Heath (Bowers)
Jody Higginson (Bjorndal)
Nancy Holman
Trevia Jan Howard
David Jeffrey Jacobsen
Paul Young Jenson
Kenneth Kaea
Patty Koenig (Talcott)
Robert F. Landivar
Robin Susan Lee
Wendy Lords
Debra Madsen (Brown)
Michael L. Martin
Robin Barbara Marts
Susan Mason
Dan Miller
Sharon Miller (Foster)
Clara Cather Mitchell
Lavonne Moore
Karen Nielsen (Dunning)
Scott J. Noel
Wendy Parker
Val W. Powell
David B. Quinn
Janice Rice (Womack)
Sherrie Satterfield (Smith)
Cynthia Schoenhardt
Jolynn Slaughter (Eister)
Holly Jane Smith (Coats)
Thomas W Smith
William Earick Smith
William R. Snape
William J. Stacey
Linda Stirling (Van Fleet)
Robin Strong (Pace)
Sydney J Sudbury
Margaret Sumsion
Teri Sweatfield (Adamson)
David M Thomas
Ester Ann Thomas (Martin)
Sharron Lyn Thompson
Christine Timothy (Despain)
Jon Turner
John Vreeke
Hannah Wells
Carla White (Hess)
David L. Williams
Maridee Winn