Reunion FAQs

Reunion-Related Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How can I help?
  2. Can I spearhead another event?
  3. Why alumni-only? What if I want to bring a spouse/partner/guest?
  4. Why only appetizers? Why donations? Can I write a check/use Venmo instead of a credit card?
  5. I'm having trouble!  How do I RSVP?  What if my plans change?
  6. How do I register a "no" RSVP if I'm not attending?
  7. How can I tell who else is coming?
  8. What is a beverage bar?
  9. Why Update my Site Profile?
  10. Bonus Question

1. How can I help?

Help locate 'Missing Classmates,' who haven't joined/updated their profiles on our Site. If you’re in touch or can track them down (are you Facebook / Instagram friends with them or a sibling?), please take the initiative to do so - you or someone you know may be the only connection back to them! In a remaining class of around 600, just slightly more than one-half have joined and are receiving Reunion updates and notifications. Please contact that acquaintance and invite them to join us here at! Thanks.

2. Can I spearhead another activity?

So far for this reunion, TJ Robinson has organized a golf activity, Betsy Barker has organized a pickleball event, and Scott Wood/Carolyn Nilsen (Crawford) are co-hosting a biking event. If you would like to plan and can spearhead another event for Friday evening or Saturday morning to help more people participate, we're happy to help promote and publicize it - Contact Us  

3. Why alumni-only? What if I want to bring a spouse/partner/guest?
At our 20-Year Reunion, when multiple events were last planned and offered, our Friday night alumni-only event had the best turnout of classmates (over 30% more alumni than the more expensive Saturday night sit-down dinner). Since then, our turnouts have increased with the lower cost, casual, alumni-only open-house setting that lends itself to the reason most classmates want to get together--to catch up with old friends, mingle and socialize with anyone/everyone, rather than perhaps being stuck at dinner table most the night with just a few people who you may not know.

If the non-alumni guest you wish to bring is really cool and fun, and you really, really want them to accompany you, and they really, really want to come, by all means, bring them. At RSVP registration, add one to your person count and list their name - a $40 donation payment is required for them in advance during the registration process or using the yellow Donate button on the Home Page. Remember there is a strong possibility they'll be bored hearing all those stories (again) as you visit with long-lost friends. Your choice.  [P.S.-This is the same format and messaging we had for our last two reunions. 5-7% of attendees brought a guest, but we were happy to have them!].

As we receive RSVPs for classmates bringing guests, we will list their names on our 50-Year Reunion page, since only the classmate will appear as "Attending Evening Event" in the list you can generate, after you log in, with the link at the top of our Classmate List. If you've registered a guest but are not listed there, please 'Contact Us' to set us straight and so they will be included in our count and we'll have name tags for them. Thanks.

4. Why only appetizers? Why donations?  Can I write a check/use Venmo instead of a credit card?
In 2003 (30-Year Reunion), when we held a similarly formatted event at the high school, our primary costs were for a buffet dinner and a disc jockey.  We charged $30 and received feedback this was still too pricey for some folks.  We found that most classmates were so busy reconnecting and visiting, they didn't think about eating a big meal (we donated tons of left-over food to the homeless shelter) or even know we had music playing. 

So that no one who wishes to attend will be excluded, as we did for our 40-Year event, alumni will not be charged for this year's reunion event directly. Rather, we are asking for donations, in advance, large or small, from those who are able to help cover the costs of hosting the reunion (facility & furniture rental, catering & bar staff, food, security, etc.) $40 is the suggested starting point. When you register your RSVP on the 50-Year Reunion page, a Donation box will appear for your convenience.

If you're not able to join us and would like to donate, or didn't donate when you RVSP'd but are in a position to to so, use the yellow "Donate" button on the upper-right side of our Home Page.  

If you don't want to use a credit card for your donation and would rather write a check or use Venmo, contact our treasurer Todd Ogaard using the 'Contact Us' link-Thanks!

5. I'm having trouble!  How do I RSVP?  What if my plans change?
We hope you can join us! So we can plan appropriately (order enough food, prepare name tags, etc.), an RSVP is required before end-of-day 8/14/23. It's a simple process:

  1. Register / RSVP using the 'Ticket/Activity Registration for Events' section at the top of the 50-Year Reunion page. You must be logged in to do so. If you're having trouble check out this printable step-by-step guide. Alternatively, Contact Us to RSVP.
  2. If registering at the top of this page, you'll have an opportunity to enter a donation of your choice. Only credit cards are accepted. See Site FAQs for other payment options.
  3. If didn't donate when you registered but are in a position to do so or you can now donate more, use the yellow "Donate" button on the upper-right side of our Home Page.
  4. You'll be emailed a registration and donation acknowledgement.
If you're having trouble logging in, you can also register a 'yes, attending' or 'no, my plans have changed' using the using the 'Contact Us' link -- please also give your name (as we knew you in high school) in the email.  
If the Site RSVP is too big of a hassle, you can simply text 1) Your Name (as we knew you in 1973) and 2) "yes" to Todd at 801-556-0200. More details are on our Home Page, including the yellow "Donate" button in the upper right hand corner, where you can easily pay the suggested $40 prepaid donation. 

6. How do I register a "no" RSVP if I'm not attending?
If you are unable to attend, we ask you to login, ‘Edit Profile,’ and fill the final dialog box labeled, “I won't be able to join everyone for the 50-Year Reunion, but instead I'll be __________.”  We understand some folks have non-negotiable plans and we also realize reunions aren’t for everyone, so even keying in, “choosing not to attend” helps.  Thanks.

7. How can I tell who else is coming?
Folks who have already RSVP'd can be seen at the top of the Classmate List, after you log in, by clicking "Attending Evening Event," or other activities listed there. If you don't see someone you expect to see on that list, please contact them and kindly direct them to get off the (freakin') fence and RSVP. If your name's not there but you'll be there, RVSP at the top of the 50-Year Reunion page. Alternatively, Contact Us to register.

8. What is a  beverage bar?
If you want bottled water or soft drinks ($3) or adult beverages ($5-$6), they will be available for you to order and pay for at the beverage bar. Cash and credit cards will be accepted. We're required to use the caterer's bartender and cashier. You might want to bring cash for tips.

Our Site was set up about six months before the 40-Year Reunion. A lot has changed with you in those ten years, including perhaps you retired, you've changed your email, you have new grandchildren, etc. Plus, we've added some new profile questions to fill in. Hello!

This opportunity only comes up every ten years. Some say wll be our last reunion, and who knows what will happen between now and when we're 78 years old-oh my?!!  We're all old, and most have lost hair and gained weight. Some are better preserved than others, but c'mon Einstein, this isn't rocket science! Quit sitting on the fence, update your profile and submit your RSVP.  It's a chance to see old friends and meet some new ones - just do it!   

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate use the 'Contact Us' link.